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Are you ready to become a licensed driver? Cindy Cohen School of Driving is here to help! In the past, the state of Pennsylvania required the driver’s test to be conducted at your local DMV. However, Cindy Cohen School of Driving is proud to announce that we are now a PennDOT certified third-party testing center for the Pittsburgh community and the surrounding areas, which means that you can now complete your driver’s exam with us! You can now schedule your driver’s exam at our PennDOT-certified testing center in as little as 48 hours.  Learn more below, and contact Cindy Cohen School of Driving to schedule your test today!

Why Take the Test at Our PennDOT Certified Third-Party Testing Center?

As a way to improve their customer service, PennDOT has decided to authorize a limited number of third-party businesses to administer the driver’s exam; Cindy Cohen School of Driving is proud to be one of only 11 approved centers in Pennsylvania, and the only center certified in downtown Pittsburgh. When you choose to take your driver’s exam at Cindy Cohen, we make it faster and more efficient for you to take your driver’s exam, pass the test, and hit the open road!

What It Means to Be a PennDOT-Certified Third-Party Testing Center

At Cindy Cohen School of Driving, we hold ourselves to the same high standards as any Pennsylvania DMV. As a certified testing center, all of our examiners are required to be PennDOT certified, meaning they are up to date with all of the latest rules of the road, as well as the newest testing requirements. Additionally, all of the routes used during the driver’s exam are PennDOT approved, which means that each route has the same requirements and that all Pennsylvania drivers will be tested on the same skills.

Obtaining Your Pennsylvania Driver’s License

The driver’s exam is scored in real time while on a PennDOT approved Ipad, during each portion of the exam (the same way in which PennDOT administers & scores the driver’s exam). Once you’ve completed the driver’s test, your examiner will mark your permit with either a pass or fail.  The test results are submitted to PennDOT’s processing system in live time as well. If you successfully pass your driver’s test, PennDOT will send a “camera card” to the examinee’s address on record; which should be received within one to three weeks. In the meantime, your driving permit (that has been officially stamped) will become a valid & legal driving document for 120 days. Once the examinee receives their “camera card” in the mail, they can then take their stamped permit along with the camera card to any PA DMV/ Photo Center to have their photo taken and license printed on site.

If you do not pass your driver’s test, your results will automatically be transmitted into PennDOT’s database. Those who are 18 and older can schedule to retake the driver’s exam with us in as little as 48 hours later. However, drivers who are 16 or 17 must wait a minimum of seven days before they can retake their test. With that in mind, once you fail the driver’s exam three times, your learner’s permit will be stamped or marked as “INVALID” and you will be directed to any PA DMV to obtain a new permit.

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Obtaining your driver’s license is an exciting moment, however, you first need to learn the basics. Luckily, at Cindy Cohen School of Driving, our dedicated professionals can help you learn all of the skills you need to become a safe and confident driver. Once you’re finally ready to get your license, you can schedule your driver’s exam with us! Browse our website to learn more about the instruction and testing options that we have to offer and view our prices, and then give us a call to schedule your driver’s exam at our PennDOT certified third-party testing center today!

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