Good Driving Habits You Need to Adopt


As a new driver, you’re learning not only how to operate a vehicle, but how to operate the vehicle safely and share the road with other drivers. There are times when sharing the road can be a difficult and even frustrating experience, especially if some drivers have adopted bad habits behind the wheel. If you want to safely and successfully get from point A to point B, the key is to start practicing good habits from the very beginning.

At Cindy Cohen School of Driving, our certified instructors make it their mission to help you learn how to drive in a safe and comfortable environment. We offer behind-the-wheel training, online theory courses, senior driver’s testing, and so much more. When you sign up for our driver’s education course, you receive one-on-one training from an instructor who will ensure that you have all the knowledge you need to pass your Pennsylvania driving exam. If you are ready to get on the road with Cindy Cohen School of Driving, then contact our office in Pittsburgh to sign up today! In the meantime, continue reading below where we outline a few good driving habits that you should start practicing.

Leave Plenty of Room Between Vehicles

Nothing is worse than driving down the road and looking at your rearview mirror, only to see the person behind you is a little too close for comfort. Not only is tailgating another vehicle annoying, but it is also dangerous. If you were to hit your brakes suddenly, the person behind you wouldn’t have enough distance to stop safely, most likely resulting in a rear-end collision.

With that in mind, it’s best to avoid getting into the habit of tailgating by always remembering to drive at a safe distance behind the person in front of you. They will appreciate you giving them enough room, and in the case of a sudden stop, you will avoid the risk of rear-ending them because you have enough distance to stop.

Put Your Cell Phone Away

The use of cell phones while driving has become an increasingly widespread problem in the past few years. Many cell phone manufacturers have tried to combat the problem by creating hands-free features, yet the problem still persists. In a previous blog, we discussed the problems of distracted driving, and driving while using your cell phone is one of the biggest distractions you can experience. The best way to combat this distraction is to have your phone tucked away with the sound off while you are behind the wheel. If you’re in the middle of a conversation that can’t wait until you are no longer driving, either have a passenger send messages for you while you focus on the road or tell the other person that you need to pause the conversation while you drive. It’s more important to ensure your safety than it is to send a text when you should be driving.

Learn From the Experts at Cindy Cohen School of Driving

The best way to avoid bad habits while driving is to establish good habits right from the start. At Cindy Cohen School of Driving, our instructors can provide you with top-of-the-line instruction that will give you the confidence you need when you are in the driver’s seat. View a list of our services online, and contact Cindy Cohen School of Driving in Pittsburgh to sign up for one of our driver’s education courses today!