Pennsylvania Rules of the Road


Receiving your learner’s permit is an exciting accomplishment. Soon the days of asking your parent for a ride will be behind you, and that rush of freedom can be overwhelming. Before you rush out of the house and hit the open road, it’s important to keep in mind the rules of the road and how they apply in your state. Each state has different variations of the rules of the road, and in today’s post, we will discuss a few specific laws that apply to Pennsylvania.

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Steer Clear Law

If you’re driving down the road and you encounter a disabled vehicle that has slowed or stopped, or you encounter an emergency scene, the Steer Clear Law requires you to move over or slow down. The purpose of this law is to help save lives and prevent injuries from occurring. The proper way to respond in this situation is to try and pass the scene in a lane that is not adjacent to the emergency response area. That being said, in some cases, it may not be safe or possible to pass the scene in an adjacent lane. In cases such as these, the proper response is to pass at a reduced speed.

An emergency response area will be marked with road flares, signs, or another traffic-control device. Should you disobey the Steer Clear Law, it will result in a 90-day suspension of your driving privileges. In the case of injury or death by an individual as a direct result of disobeying the Steer Clear Law, your license will be surrendered.

Clearing Off Your Vehicle

During the winter, your vehicle may accumulate snow and ice, and it is important that you clear off your vehicle before you drive it. Not only is this for your protection as the driver, but if snow or ice were to become dislodged from your vehicle while driving, it could cause problems or injuries for other drivers on the road. Should you fail to clear your vehicle, and snow or ice hits a pedestrian or another vehicle causing significant injuries or even death, you will be fined no less than $200 and no more than $1,000 for each offense.

These are just two of the rules of the road that you need to keep in mind while driving a vehicle. If you’ve received your driver’s permit and you are interested in a driver’s education course taught by expert instructors, then Cindy Cohen School of Driving is the place for you. Learn from some of the top instructors in the Pittsburgh area and receive all the skill you need to pass your driver’s test. Contact Cindy Cohen School of Driving to learn more today!