Should You Buy a New or Used Car?


Once you learn to drive and you pass your driver’s test, the next thing you’re going to want to do is buy a car. In some cases, teens will have their parents’ help when purchasing a car, but in other cases, they may have to do it completely on their own. No matter what your situation might be, the first step of purchasing a vehicle is to do your research and find a vehicle that is right for your needs and your budget. In today’s post, we will take a look at the difference between buying a new and a used car to give you a better idea of what you can expect.

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Buying a New Car

Let’s be honest — everyone wants a new car with all the bells and whistles and that glorious new car smell, but if you are buying your first car, then you have to be realistic about whether or not a brand new car is the right option for you. There are many benefits to buying a new car. For one, there’s a good chance that the dealer will give you discounts, lower APR rates, and even free maintenance. Not to mention, when you buy a new car, you get all the latest technology and safety features. Combined with the fact that your vehicle has never been in the accident, you have the advantage of buying a car that is more reliable than a used car.

That being said, there are also a few disadvantages to buying a new car, the biggest being the price tag. New cars are not a cheap purchase, and while you may receive discounts, you’re still going to have to pay a hefty price. You will want to keep in mind that a higher cost will result in you having to pay your car loan for a longer amount of time.

Buying a Used Car

The main benefit of buying a used car is that they are cheaper than new models, which may be a great option if you are planning on buying your car without help from your parents. The key to finding a quality used car is research. One of the downfalls of buying a used car is that you won’t have as many options as you would with a new car, but it is possible to find a car that has good mileage, has been well maintained, and has the features that you desire.

No matter what kind of car you decide to buy, the first step is to pass your driver’s test and receive your Pennsylvania driver’s license. At Cindy Cohen School of Driving, we offer Top Rated Local® driving instruction from Pennsylvania certified instructors. We will work with you to help you feel more comfortable and confident when you are behind the wheel. To learn more or to sign up for one of our classes, contact Cindy Cohen School of Driving today!