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More than 30,000 Pittsburgh drivers have learned to drive safely and defensively with Cindy Cohen School of Driving. We offer defensive driver’s training services designed to teach teens and adults how to drive safely while anticipating what other cars and drivers may do. We focus on educating student drivers both with theory and behind-the-wheel practice.

Our instructors have years of experience teaching students how to become safe drivers. We work with any student, whether they have never been behind the wheel or they have many hours of driving experience. Instructors will teach students how to drive in all types of weather conditions, including snow, rain, and fog (if weather permitting). In addition, we have a system that instructs students on how to parallel park with ease.

Behind-the-wheel training includes:

  • Vehicle control
  • Control of the wheel, accelerator, and brakes
  • Awareness of intersections
  • Getting the whole picture
  • Our easy method of parallel parking
  • Highway and mirror skills
  • School bus safety
  • Steer clear law

We offer a certificate for drivers who complete a minimum of six hours of accredited driving instruction and/or a 30-hour online course. This certificate may allow you to receive a lower rate from your auto insurance provider.

Our Services

  • Behind-the-wheel training Completed one-on-one with Pennsylvania-approved road instructors (through the Department of Education in PA.)


  • Pennsylvania Road Test: Use our vehicle for the Driver’s Exam at DMV


  • Learners Permit Exam Tutoring: $80 an hour with a 3-hour minimum: This is for students who have NOT BEEN SUCCESSFUL in passing their learner’s permit knowledge test, and are struggling to retain the PA driver’s manual information. All tutoring is done at our 3131 West Carson Street, Pittsburgh 15204 office. Permit tutoring is done in a private office that is conducive to learning. *Directly after the tutoring session, we suggest that the student goes straight to the DMV with all of their paperwork/documentation and take the learner’s permit while the information is still fresh.


  • Adult/Teen “brush up lessons”: For licensed drivers, advanced lessons, city driving, freeway driving, parkway driving, easy method parallel parking, reverse gear, adverse conditions (rain, sleet, hail, snow), etc.


  • Mock/Practice Test Lesson: Step-by-step instruction to ensure that you meet the requirements set by the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles, in preparation for your Pennsylvania Driver’s License Exam. (Click the link above to schedule PA Driver’s License test)


  • Fleet Drivers brush-up lesson: For companies who hire sedan drivers/small vans, etc.


  • To Schedule a PA Driver’s Exam with CCSOD: Call 412.580.0027

What we Teach

  • Anticipate what other drivers may do in various situations
  • Understand and evaluate your options instantly when a critical incident happens
  • Drive safely in bad weather conditions such as rain, snow, ice, or fog
  • Control your emotions for safety
  • React to changing traffic signals
  • Learn what to watch out for from the front, back, and sides
  • Keep a safe following distance, learn how to judge space
  • Negotiate turns, lane changes, merging, and curves safely
  • Handle city and highway traffic flawlessly
  • Safely pass a slow-moving vehicle
  • Keep alert for distracted drivers
  • Safe parallel parking and parking in lots
  • Much more!

Our Vehicles

Cindy Cohen School of Driving has a fleet of cars in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. Our cars are maintained and detailed weekly. All cars are specially equipped with dual control brakes and gas pedals so that the instructor can accelerate, slow, or stop the vehicle if needed. We have extra mirrors that provide the instructor and the student with full visibility. All of our instructors can drive the training cars from the passenger’s seat without anyone in the driver’s seat, if necessary. All of our vehicles have a five-star safety rating.

**Combined program includes an insurance certificate

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