Here are the new policies CCSOD are instituting:

Post COVID-19 Policies:

  • We were previously doing many of the correct disinfecting/cleaning procedures before COVID-19, we are continuing to increase our standards. Here are the mandated policies to keep us all safe and moving forward:

Entering/Exiting the Building:

  • Staff: All staff entering the building will swipe their hands with the provided disinfectant at the building entrance. Staff is mandated to use the hand disinfectant when entering/exiting the building to provide a driving lesson or exam. Staff will need to inform their students to use the hand disinfectant when entering /exiting the vehicle as well.
  • Notary customers – ONLY the actual customers that need to sign will be allowed into the building as well. Anyone else must wait outside.


Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Body Temperature:

  • CCSOD has purchased infrared thermometers, and they will be assigned to each employee.
  • All staff will have their temperature checked before starting each day. This is necessary to keep the staff and the general public safe at all times.
  • All instructors must take the temperature of their students before they enter the vehicle or building.
  • If the customer has a temperature, you are to inform the student that he/she can not take their lesson/test.
  • If CCSOD employee has a temperature, they can not work.
  • Please notify the supervisor on duty immediately



  • The bathroom in the lobby/notary side of the building will remain available to customers and employees.  After a customer uses the bathroom, the staff will need to ask the customer to wipe down the doorknobs on both sides of the door with disinfectant wipes.


Office staff:

  • All office staff is now mandated to start and finish their day by wiping counters, desk, phones, doorknobs and computer keyboards with disinfectant wipes provided by the company. This includes all the chairs in the lobby, and all door handles entering and exiting the building. Please wash your hands after every customer you assist.
  • There will be no sharing of pens or any items with customers or anything else. We will have pens available at the window when a customer needs to use a pen; they will need to take the pen. If they do not take the pen, we will throw it away.


Driving Instructors:

  • CCSOD is mandated to wear masks on the premises and when engaged in driving lessons or exams.
  • Gloves if you want to, and we have them readily available for you.
  • All students/clients/ parents/employees anyone CCSOD interacts with must wear a mask
  • All vehicles are to be sanitized with CCSOD disinfected wipes, including door handles, steering wheels, gear shifters, turn signal indicators, light switches, seat levers, and anything else the customer may touch. If you are picking a student up, then you will need to do it when you arrive at their home and when you drop them off. This is now mandated, with no exceptions. The company will provide the disinfectant and any safety items needed.
  • Masks: It is mandatory for customers/employees to wear a mask while inside CCSOD building, during driving lessons and exams.
  • Maximum: We are allowing a maximum of 5 people in our building at any one time.

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