5 stars!

I passed my license exam yesterday and my life was changed forever!! Huge shoutout to FREDDIE for being the BEST instructor I could have wished for! I went from never having parallel parked in my life, then 3 lessons later, I took my exam at CCSOD and PASSED.

Freddie helped me SO much. He explained everything very detailed and with examples. While we were driving, he’d point out things and questions me and really helped me to become aware of my surroundings. He drew on a white board to help me with some concepts/tips.

Freddie was very precise, smart, funny, and patient. In my head I always thought that the parallel parking was too hard and honestly impossible. I was deathly afraid of even taking the drivers exam because I thought I’d never be able to do the parallel parking but Freddie practiced and practiced with me over and over until I felt ready to do the exam.

I would def recommend Cindy Cohen school of driving to everyone and Freddie to all the students! Especially if you’re like me and really scared/anxious about mastering a certain skill!

Carmella C from Yelp 5/19/2020