5 Stars

When I first started learning how to drive I was extremely nervous. All of my friends have used Cindy Cohen Driving School to learn how to drive, so I thought that I would try as well. I first tried working with Fred who is an extraordinarily calm person and immediately knew that all of the hype was true! Fred is an amazing teacher who always keeps his cool, and never guilts you for making an error, but shares all of his knowledge of the technicalities of driving with you. He is an excellent instructor. Krista is an amazing teacher as well. I had heard that many people hate parallel parking and so I was nervous to learn. However, Krista has a very detailed technique that makes it an easy feat! She takes her job very seriously, but always manages to make me laugh! After working with every driver in Cindy Cohen Driving School I can say that this is the place for anyone to learn how to drive. Everyone is extremely informative, kind, and has a great sense of humor. I went from being an extremely nervous, shaky learner with no sense of where my car was on the road to a confident and knowledgable driver. 5 stars!