AWESOME,AMAZING and WONDERFUL. I called it WONDERSOMEZING!! umm I dont know what to say. Therefore, I will write about my experience.I used to have a bad driving habits such as not driving with two hands, not making complete stop, and not turning my head over my shoulder etc… it doesnt mean i dont know how to drive.i do. just having the bad habits which can make you not to pass the test. At Cindy’s school, they will teach you how to pass the test. They will give you the mysterious and secret recipe of how to get the driver license. you might be a crazy, drunken, F1 racer but you might not know how to pass the road test. Cindy’s school is the place for you if you are that kind of person. well technically it is the place for everyone who is trying to get a DL. they will show you all the necessary skills to pass the test. i think thats all i have to say. oh one more thing. they understand the english with foreign accent, too,if you are international student. you know what i mean