Best Driving School Out There

Well first let me say if you want to learn how to drive then this is the best driving school out there. I got my drivers liscense on November 18th 2015 . The instructor i had was great/aweseome/amazing ! When i went for my drivers test i wasnt as nervous as i was about a month ago when i started these classes. Then i was super upset at what happened yesterday when we got there and the driving examiner stopped my test, why did he do that you ask ? He stoped the test because one of the tail/brake lights were not working properly. So i had to wait about an half an hour to start my test over again, you can imagine my anxiety at this point . Lenny of course jumped and got it fixed asap. If you are going to have a driving school make sure your vehicles are properly inspected and working (which they typically are well maintained ) . Overall i am satisfied with Cindy Cohen’s school of driving , LLC and my instructor Lenny. Lenny you are a wonderful instructor, you answer all the questions, you help ease any anxiety or fear. Thank you so much lenny & Cindy Cohen’s school of driving