“Freddie, my instructor, was thoroughly professional and patient with me…”

Just passed my driving test. I had a very good experience with the school, and consider the training well worth the price.

I am an international student and hadn’t driven a car before; Freddie, my instructor, was thoroughly professional and patient with me, emphasizing not just the what but the why. He went above and beyond the short-term goal of teaching me to drive. For example, when I told him I hadn’t visited a gas station before, he showed me the general procedure involved in filling gas, checking tire tread depth, and so on.

Scheduling lessons was quite convenient. The school has something even better than an automated online scheduling system: a real human to talk to — quicker, more efficient, and more flexible. I let them know that I would be able to attend sessions at short notice, and they made sure to call me whenever someone else cancelled lessons. Without this flexibility it might have taken me a couple of months more.

The objective of a driving school shouldn’t be to train students to pass an exam; it should be to get students to the point where they understand the basics of operating a car and can make wise judgments on the road with confidence. I can affirm that driving lessons at Cindy Cohen School of Driving are very well-designed by this metric.

Tanmay Mudholkar from Google reviews 6/27/2021