Freedom And Peace Of Mind

I enrolled in her classes because I had not driven in more than 5 years; and had relocated to Pittsburgh and taken a job whereby I must drive to meet with clients. I had 5 lessons; and drove to different parts of Pittsburgh. I was put at ease from the start. By virtue of a very kind and giving instructor, I was talked through many potentially difficult situations – and overcame a lot of my reticence and yes, fear of driving. I could go on in great detail about how professional and excellent Cindy’s school is. I heartily recommend Cindy to anyone – from the novice to the one who, like myself, is a professional person who has not driven in some time.Cindy has made a difference in my life – not only do I feel comfortable driving but I have the freedom and peace of mind in doing so. Anyone who takes lessons from Cindy will not regret it; and will be so thankful that they decided to do so.