“I had a great experience learning to drive with CCSOD”

I had a great experience learning to drive with CCSOD. I had lessons with multiple instructors Terri, Tim, Lenny, Brittany, and Glen. For someone like me who has never driven anything other than a bicycle, these 11 lessons were very helpful. I want to highlight that the ‘license plate’ method used by Lenny for parallel parking was awesome. It just took the load off my shoulders and made me feel parallel parking so comfortable. This method particularly helped me to precisely identify how much distance I need to back up while parallel parking. Once parallel parking is done comfortably, it added to my confidence in taking the test route.

Additionally, the detailed instructions Terri gave me really helped me control the vehicle with ease. The sessions with Tim, Brittany, and Glen helped me gain confidence in completing the turns with ease, changing lanes, road awareness, and following traffic rules properly.

CCSOD instructors are very professional and I would definitely recommend CCSOD, especially Lenny to anyone trying to get their driver’s license. Thanks, CCSOD.

Santanu P. from Yelp 6/11/2021