For a very long time I had a phobia of driving and as a result, I never thought that I’d be able to obtain a license. When I was in my early twenties,I attempted to get my license because of pressure I received from my family. I had used a different driving school and with a combination of me not being ready to deal with my phobia and not meshing with my past instructor, I wasn’t able to successfully pass my test. After I failed my test, I had pretty much given up on driving, it became more of an issue than it ever had. Fast forward to now, I am 29 and realized that I was ready to drive. My mom suggested I call a driving school, but I knew I didn’t want to use the previous school. Upon searching, I found Cindy’s school. I checked out her website and got started right away. I told Cindy my “saga” of driving and she made me feel completely okay with it. She set me up with the instructor Jack. I can honestly say that Jack changed my life. I was so incredibly nervous for my first lesson, until the minute he drove in my driveway and we started to talk. As soon as I got dropped off from my first lesson, I called just about all family to tell them how much fun I had driving. I can say that I am so lucky that Cindy chose Jack for my instructor. Throughout the many sessions that I took, he went above and beyond to support me through my driving. Jack is extremely easy going, patient and most of all, he made me feel good about my driving. We went to take my driving test today, years after my first test, and I PASSED!!!!! Thank you Jack for changing my life!!!!!!!!!!