Learned A Lot Of Good Habits

I got my license with the help from Cindy Cohen School of Driving. I did not pass the test once, but it was not this anyone but DMV’s fault. The test officer showed up late and failed me for “being aggressive” but I was not (there was a car passing by when I finished parallel parking and the officer said I was being aggressive, which is ridiculous), and my driving coach (I remember his name is David) was also very angry about that office, who showed up late since he was helping someone else getting his permit when he was supposed to be taking my test. Fortunately, this driving school let me take the test again for free. I passed the test, got my license and recommended Cindy Cohen to all my friends who need a driving school, because THEY DO CARE ABOUT YOU. What’s more, about the course itself, they do not only teach you how to pass the test but how to be a good driver. I learned a lot of good habits from them. If you are getting your license, this is definitely a good place to go.