Make You Feel Comfortable And Safe

I started out with almost no experience behind the wheel. The most I did before trying out this program was driving in a parking lot. I did four lessons with Cindy Cohen Driving School, and all four of my lessons were with Lenny, so it was consistent. I also did the two hour session before the driving test, and it helped a lot. The first lesson, I was able to get on the road almost right away. I even got to drive all the way home. They really throw you in the deep end to get you started, and it can be intimidating, but they do a really good job of making you feel comfortable and safe. I became a confident driver after just a week of four lessons, and I was able to very easily pass the driving test with the two hour lesson (and trust me, it’s very worth it). I’ve never seen a driving school this efficient, and it’s definitely worth a try!