Memorable Experience

I arrived in Pittsburgh only about a month and was wondering how I should go about getting my Drivers License. That’s when one of my friends told me about CINDY COHEN SCHOOL OF DRIVING. I called up Cindy on a Sunday afternoon and she agreed to come over and pick me up in an hour’s time. She arrived promptly and we went out for the first lesson. The class was simply AMAZING. We went through the drill of parallel parking and Cindy’s tips made sure that in half an hour I was an expert. Then came the part of driving through the road. This time, Cindy made sure she explained clearly the significance of each and every sign on the road. In couple of hours time my confidence grew multi fold. On the day of the test test I felt pretty confident. Cindy gave me few last minute tips and I was ready to go. The test was over in 15 minutes and examiner said “Well done sir,Congratulations.. You’ve passed with 100%”. I felt there was nothing less he could awarded with the kind of training i had been through with Cindy!!:) Thank you Cindy for making the entire experience a memorable one!!!