“Glen was a fantastic help…”

June 14, 2021

Glen was a fantastic help and the experience was low stress. Highly recommend for anyone who would otherwise be stressed out by a driving test.

Theo C. from Google Reviews 6/12/2021

“I had a great experience learning to drive with CCSOD”

June 14, 2021

I had a great experience learning to drive with CCSOD. I had lessons with multiple instructors Terri, Tim, Lenny, Brittany, and Glen. For someone like me who has never driven anything other than a bicycle, these 11 lessons were very helpful. I want to highlight that the ‘license plate’ method used by Lenny for parallel parking was awesome. It just took the load off my shoulders and made me feel parallel parking so comfortable. This method particularly helped me to precisely identify how much distance I need to back up while parallel parking. Once parallel parking is done comfortably, it added to my confidence in taking the test route.

Additionally, the detailed instructions Terri gave me really helped me control the vehicle with ease. The sessions with Tim, Brittany, and Glen helped me gain confidence in completing the turns with ease, changing lanes, road awareness, and following traffic rules properly.

CCSOD instructors are very professional and I would definitely recommend CCSOD, especially Lenny to anyone trying to get their driver’s license. Thanks, CCSOD.

Santanu P. from Yelp 6/11/2021

“…the convenience of being to take the Driver’s test with them was super easy and fast”

June 10, 2021

I had an excellent experience with both instructors Fred and Freddie. Both passed on knowledge that I couldn’t get from my friends learning to drive. Plus the convenience of being to take the Driver’s test with them was super easy and fast. Definitely use their service if you’re looking for a driving school! 10/10

SoulSerenade Official from Google reviews 6/9/2021

“My instructor, Terri, was excellent”

June 9, 2021

Cindy Cohen School of driving is an excellent choice for driving instruction! I have always struggled with confidence behind the wheel and had failed once previous prior to attending. My instructor, Terri, was excellent. She was professional, friendly, and all around a great teacher. I had six hours of lessons prior to testing and am so glad that I did. Thanks to them, I am now a licensed driver! I cannot recommend their school enough.

Arie Contrary from Google Reviews 6/6/2021

“really good affordable school”

June 4, 2021

I would recommend Cindy Cohen Driving School to anybody who wants to get their drivers license its a really good affordable school. Me being a older driver with anxiety they really help me learn to be relaxed behind the wheel. Glens method on parallel parking is excellent and he’s a great instructor and Robin was very helpful during the drivers test. I passed their driving test on Wednesday and my life has already changed thanks Cindy Cohen Driving School. I highly recommend the school to older drivers trying to get their drivers license.

Craig C From Yelp 6/3/2021

“Really good school”

June 3, 2021

Really good school. My instructor was Frank, who was very informative and an amazing driver to learn from. I would recommend this school to everyone!

Sadao Bey from Google reviews 5/31/2021

“Thanks Ronnie”

June 3, 2021

Ronnie was a great instructor. Highly recommend him, always on time, and showed me an amazing way to parallel park! I thought I never could do it! Thanks, Ronnie

Cheyenne Moss from Google reviews 5/31/2021

“Excellent experience”

June 3, 2021

Excellent experience. The entire team spent time with both my daughter and myself. Each person offered their own unique wisdom and encouragement. Not only were they supportive of my daughter during testing, they transformed me from a nervous wreck to a proud mom with their words of praise and confidence in her skills.

K Alstrin from Google reviews 5/29/2021

“Their professionalism and instructors are the best in the city…”

June 3, 2021

I researched several driving schools across Pittsburgh but knew from the prior reviews that CCSOD would be the best fit for me. Their professionalism and instructors are the best in the city as far as I am concerned. The organization makes a committed effort to match students with the same instructor throughout their lessons and I appreciated the relationship I got to build with mine.

My instructor was Terri who I completed 10 hours of practice with before taking my drivers test and passing it on my first attempt. Terri made me feel comfortable and excited to drive despite my anxiety and fears of driving as an older student. She customized our lessons, continued to motivate me to drive in different settings, and was the perfect instructor to help me finally get my license.

I highly recommend CCSOD, their 6 hours of behind the wheel driving certificate, their 2 hour practice lesson before the drivers test at their site (they also have shorter option), AND taking lessons with Terri. Thank you, CCSOD!

Douglas Wampler from Google reviews May 2021