“Perfect for an anxious adult learner!”

Perfect for an anxious adult learner!

I have to give a HUGE shoutout to Lenny for his patience, kindness, and encouragement. I’m in my late twenties and have tried many times over the years to learn to drive. I was very anxious, and never attempted to take the test. Lenny got me there in just 3 lessons! He listened and made sure to understand why I had struggled in the past. He is so patient and never made me feel self conscious for my mistakes, but gave great advice and quickly improved my skills. His method for parallel parking is foolproof (I never thought I’d be able to parallel park!) Being able to take the test at their facility also made the big day a much calmer, lower-stress event, plus we were able to practice there.

I have had negative experiences with driving instructors in the past and this experience was a wonderful, confidence-boosting surprise. The office staff is super friendly and I’m sure the other instructors are also great! If you are on the fence, particularly if you’re anxious, go with Cindy Cohen!

Margaret Stephenson from Google Reviews 5/22/2021