Really Enjoyed My Lessons

I wanted to get my driving license in about a month span but had 0 experience of driving and wasn’t sure if I could. I took lessons from Freddie and I can say that I honestly would not have been able to pass it without him in such a short time. I really enjoyed my lessons with him! We covered everything from highway driving to parallel parking, as well as city driving. He was extremely patient, made sure that I understood the physics of driving and the rules of the road, and made sure to emphasize safety behind the wheel. I didn’t think that I’d be able to pass my driving exam first try before I started taking lessons with him, but now I not only have a license, but also am confident that I am a good driver and will become better with time. The driving examiner even told me that Cindy Cohen is a great school and that I was smart to take lessons with them. ? Thank you Freddie for the fun lessons and being a great teacher!