Taught Me Hard Skills

I moved from NYC to Pittsburgh and was apprehensive about driving. After I read positive reviews of the driving school online, I booked lessons one month in advance. I worked with Dave, Eric, and Audrey within a span of four weeks. Each instructor was unique in his or her own way. However, all three instructors were knowledgeable, professional, and enthusiastic about teaching safe driving skills. The instructors not only taught me “hard” skills– they worked with me to build my confidence and coached me to predict others’ behaviors on the road. Additionally, I scheduled a road test at the last minute due to a cancellation, and Cindy went out of her way to find an instructor who could accompany me to the test. The quality of services offered at Cindy Cohen School of Driving is unparalleled. Anyone who strives to be a safe and lawful driver should take lessons through her business.