“Their professionalism and instructors are the best in the city…”

I researched several driving schools across Pittsburgh but knew from the prior reviews that CCSOD would be the best fit for me. Their professionalism and instructors are the best in the city as far as I am concerned. The organization makes a committed effort to match students with the same instructor throughout their lessons and I appreciated the relationship I got to build with mine.

My instructor was Terri who I completed 10 hours of practice with before taking my drivers test and passing it on my first attempt. Terri made me feel comfortable and excited to drive despite my anxiety and fears of driving as an older student. She customized our lessons, continued to motivate me to drive in different settings, and was the perfect instructor to help me finally get my license.

I highly recommend CCSOD, their 6 hours of behind the wheel driving certificate, their 2 hour practice lesson before the drivers test at their site (they also have shorter option), AND taking lessons with Terri. Thank you, CCSOD!

Douglas Wampler from Google reviews May 2021