“They’ll have you driving in no time!”

Cindy Cohen’s School of Driving, and especially their instructor Tim, literally changed my life. I grew up in New York City and have mostly lived in cities with major public transit systems. So, even though I knew I really should get my license, the longer I waited, the harder I found it to try to learn.

Literally for decades now, the extent of my driving experience included occasionally picking up a manual and practicing in a parking lot a couple times. Then, last summer, I was offered a dream job that required me to get a license by my start date a month and a half later. At the time, it seemed like an impossibility, but I knew I had to try. So, when my hiring manager recommended I reach out to CCSD, I figured why not.

I can’t express enough, how grateful I am that I did. From start to finish they helped me to meet my learning needs and goals – with professionalism, expertise, and the highest quality of customer service.

To begin with, even though it was peak season, I explained the urgency of my situation and they did everything they could to accommodate me. For this reason, I ended up working with several instructors – all of whom were terrific and had their own strengths. Ronny was fantastic with parallel parking, Lenny helped fine tune my skills for the road test. And, in particular, Tim, who I had multiple sessions with, helped me to develop the skills and confidence I needed to get the license.

Throughout our lessons, Tim instructed in way that made me feel totally safe and comfortable. He was extremely knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging, patient, committed to my success and, overall, an excellent instructor. After our first lesson, I couldn’t believe that with his coaching I had driven all over town. Moreover, I was actually excited to get behind the wheel again. It really felt like nothing short of a miracle. Within three weeks, I had my license and was able to begin my new job.

If learning to drive seems like an impossible task, I can’t recommend Cindy Cohen’s School of Driving, Tim and the other instructors highly enough. They’ll have you driving in no time!

Hillary L from Yelp 1/19/2020