Wealth Of Information

Pittsburgh is one of the best places to learn driving because of the variety of terrain and weather you are likely to experience. Among the various driving schools in Pittsburgh, I choose Cindy Cohen after considerable research. What I was concerned about at the time especially as an international student, was my ability to change from driving a stick shift on the left side of the road to an automatic on the right while following various signs and signals. Lenny, who was my driving instructor was patient yet firm from the very beginning. He was well aware of the differences between the driving I was used to and the driving I was supposed to do. He gave me a wealth of information not just about the course on which the test was taken but about driving in Pittsburgh in general and the various state laws. I passed my driving test with a perfect run on my first attempt and it was all thanks to Lenny and Cindy Cohen’s driving school. Highly recommended, especially for international students looking to get their license in Pittsburgh.